Savings & Promotions

 Next Promotion – Available 09/01/19

No Current Promotion. Check out an Offer below!


  1. Choose up to 1 offer below.
  2. Offers or Promotion MUST be mentioned before booking to receive.
  3. Current Promotion cannot be used with any additional offers.
  4. RESTRICTED MONTHS/DATES: July 4th … Dec.1st-Jan 5th (2019-2020) Dec 1st-Jan 4th (2020-2021) … Any Saturday in APRIL, MAY, or OCTOBER – CAN ONLY USE OFFER #1… IF THESE AREN’T YOUR EVENT DATES YOU CAN USE ANY OFFER/PROMOTION
  5. You may NOT use a promotion or offer if your event date is within 60 days from booking, sorry.

Benefits & Offers – Always Available

  1. Pay in FULL upon booking and receive $125 OFF
  2. Public Service Discount – Military active or non active, Teachers, Doctors, Nurses, Fire Dept. etc. MUST PROVIDE PROOF to receive $75 OFF
  3. Book 3+ months out before the date of your event to receive $50 OFF
  4. “LIKE” our Facebook page & receive $25 OFF—> Hype4Entertainment
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