Limited Time Offer For The First 5 Couples

We’ve changed our DJ package, added a Photo Booth, and Dancing on the Clouds as of March 1st, 2020!

So in honor of our growth and your support we’ll be doing a limited special that’s never happened before.

Dancing on the Clouds Offer #1

Picture below is for example use only. This is not from your ordinary fog machine!

Dancing on the clouds EXAMPLE


New Couples

Thinking about booking us? Well now is a great time cause we’ll be throwing Dancing on the clouds in for FREE upon booking DJ Services. No catches!

Current Couples

If you’ve already booked us based off our old pricing we’ll be offering dancing on the clouds for 50% off. It’s normally $300-$400… if you book it this month it will be $200 flat. No catches!

Photo Booth – Offer #2

New & Current Couples

Add our new photo booth this month and get it for $100 cheaper than it’s currently listed. That’s all you have to do. How much does it cost? CLICK HURRR

Stack Attack – Offer #3

For the first time ever, we’re allowing couples to stack. What does this mean? You can choose both offers above PLUS one of our normal Offers & Bundles listed. Where are the additional Offers & Bundles? CLICK HURRR

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