Custom Monogram

140 options to choose from when deciding on your monogram for your big day!

Get this Add On for $100 cheaper when added upon booking.



Light up the entire room with some uplights that can change the entire color of the room as it gets darker! They also make for great accent lighting during the day. We offer these in any color to match the theme or mood for the event!

We include up to 10 uplights in our base package!

Additional Uplights can range from $20-$30 per light.


Bilingual MC

Are you needing someone who can translate english to Spanish? Our DJ Kevin can help make announcements in English and Spanish with ease. You can hire Kevin as your DJ or even have him tag along with Ryen as a bilingual MC to make sure all of your guest are on the same page! This add on starts at $200 and varies upon hours needed.

Kevin DJ 2

Photo booth

Looking to add on some additional entertainment for your guest? We offer our photo booth from $500-$800 depending on hours needed! We have a new digital Photo-booth that will be announced during march 2020.


Dancing on the Clouds

This effect does NOT set off smoke detectors.

Our newest add on of 2020! This creates a giant cloud that is typically used during the first dance but can be used during any special occasion! This machine is completely different from our Fog Machine as it requires dry ice + water  in order to create the “Cloud”.

 Fog Machine

We use water based fog juice. This effect does NOT set off smoke detectors.

Our fog machine really makes the dance lights pop as they reflect off of our smoke.  Please check with your venue to make sure they allow these! Offer includes 2 hours of fog and $80 per additional hour.


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